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Pew Study: Broadband Not a Big American Priority

13 Aug, 2010 By: Chris Tribbey

While two-thirds of Americans currently have a high-speed Internet connection, a majority of citizens (53%) don’t believe the spread of affordable broadband nationwide should be a major government priority, according to a new study from Pew Internet.

Only 11% of Americans said, nationwide, affordable broadband should be a top government priority, with 45% of the 21% of American adults who do not use the Internet at all saying the government shouldn’t even try to expand affordable Internet.

“As broadband technologies have been adopted in the majority of American homes, a debate has arisen about the role of government in stepping in to ensure availability to high-speed internet access for all Americans,” said Aaron Smith, author of the report. “The majority think not, and the surprise is that non-users are the least inclined to think government has a role in the spread of broadband.

“It could be that the recession is causing Americans to prioritize other issues, or it could be general anti-government wariness.”

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