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Paramount Unlocks 'Transformers' on DVD and HD DVD

5 Sep, 2007 By: Chris Tribbey

Transformers two-disc special edition (left) and single disc DVD

Leaving little room for prebooking, but giving it a huge amount of pre-holiday shelf life, DreamWorks and Paramount Home Entertainment have announced an Oct. 16 street date for the DVD and HD DVD releases of Transformers.

Transformers was a box office smash, pulling in $650 million worldwide to date, with executive producer Steven Spielberg and director Michael Bay wowing audiences with a special effects-laden tale of transforming giant robots from another planet.

The release slate has single ($29.99) and two-disc ($39.99) options for DVD, and the $39.99 HD DVD will be a two-disc special-edition release. The two-disc special-edition DVD includes a commentary by director Michael Bay, two documentaries — one for the human actors and another for the robots — early sketches of the robots, and an in-depth featurette about the planning and creation of one of the scenes. The single-disc will only include the commentary.

The HD DVD will also include an on-screen menu called “Intelligence Mode” where information about robots, weapons, characters and more is revealed during the movie. A GPS locator with coordinates also will be included, and other Web-enabled features include a heads-up display allowing text commentary while the film runs, additional details about individual robots in a “Tech Inspector” feature, and more special features to be added after street date.

Paramount will support the marketing of the release with TV, radio, print and online ads. It will also utilize a customized message offer from Optimus Prime that people can send to friends from a phone or e-mail, displays in nearly every store selling the discs, and promotions with both Chevrolet and Hostess. Chevy will offer three customized Camaros styled after the character Bumblebee, via a sweepstakes. Hostess will have 17 million Transformers-themed packages in stores, and will offer an instant-win game for a 50” plasma television and home entertainment system, portable DVD players and more.

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