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Paramount Conjures Long-Awaited TV DVD ‘Charmed'

11 Jan, 2005 By: Jessica Wolf

The power of three hits DVD Feb. 1 with Paramount Home Entertainment's release of Charmed: The Complete First Season — to the delight of the show's avid fan base.“The series was one of the most requested we've ever had,” said Martin Blythe, VP of publicity for Paramount. He said the studio received hundreds of e-mails, letters and phone calls about the show.

The popular WB series — set to begin its eighth season Feb. 13 — centers around a trio of sister-witches as they balance battling demons with trying to have normal lives. It has been the No. 1 most-requested show on fan site TVShowsonDVD.com since the site went live, said editor Gord Lacey.

“‘Charmed' has a huge online following,” Lacey said. Part of the fever for the show was fueled by years of a rumored DVD release, and lists of rumored DVD extras even began circulating on fan sites, according to Lacey.

TVShowsonDVD.com readers and “Charmed” fans are disappointed that the upcoming season one set from Paramount has no extras, Lacey said.

“What I've told them is, just because there are no extras on season one, that doesn't mean there's never going to be any,” he added.

Indeed, Paramount will be watching sales of the first-season set closely when evaluating plans for releases of subsequent seasons, Blythe said.

Lacey said the series has a similar buying strength as other borderline cult shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel,” for which loyal fans build up libraries of complete season sets.

“We have some expertise in this area,” Blythe said. “‘Star Trek' has a similarly loyal fan base, and they've stayed with us, so we're hoping the ‘Charmed' fans will too.”Charmed: The Complete First Season is already No. 22 based on preorders on Amazon.com's top-selling DVD list.

Paramount also has plans in the works for a celebrity-studded celebration of the show's upcoming 150th episode and the DVD release, Blythe said.

Another potential disappointment for fans, Lacey noted, will be if there are music changes on the DVD release. Like many shows of its ilk from the 1990s, “Charmed's” soundtrack often featured songs from cutting-edge artists for which garnering DVD licenses can be cost prohibitive, meaning many songs are often replaced for the home video release.

But the first season DVD set of "Charmed" will include all the original music, Blythe confirmed.“Charmed” arrives on DVD through Paramount's recent deal with Spelling Entertainment, which went into effect as of January 2005. More releases from the prolific production company will follow this year, Blythe said.

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