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Paramount Announces HD DVD Slate

10 Jul, 2006 By: Thomas K. Arnold

The third of three major studios supporting the HD DVD next-generation optical-disc format has finally chimed in with product, nearly three months after the two other studios.

Paramount Home Entertainment has announced three waves of titles, beginning July 25. First up: the action-adventure films Sahara and Tomb Raider, the retro sci-fi thriller Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow.

The second wave will come Aug. 1 and consist of Four Brothers, the historic epic We Were Soldiers and the drama remake The Manchurian Candidate.

Wave three will debut Aug. 8 and consist of U2: Rattle and Hum, the sci-fi thriller Aeon Flux and the actioner The Italian Job.

“These introductions mark the next step in the evolution of home entertainment,” said Kelley Avery, president of worldwide home entertainment for Paramount Pictures. “With unprecedented picture and sound quality, HD DVD gives consumers a home movie viewing experience like they've never had before.”

Each title will list for $29.95.

Universal Studios and Warner Home Video, the two other studios supporting HD DVD, began releasing titles in mid-April, when the first players, from Toshiba, arrived in stores. Since then, they've collectively released more than two dozen titles.

Like Warner, Paramount also supports Blu-ray Disc. Neither studio has announced titles for that format, which launched in late June with a player from Samsung and titles from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Lionsgate.

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