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Parallax Hopes To Box In Collectible CDs

11 Mar, 2002 By: Hive News

Parallax Entertainment, Inc. is seeking a patent for its new Decorative CD Jewel Case Enclosure.

The invention incorporates a sealed reservoir or enclosure that can hold a variety of ornamental mobile and stationary substances, such as oil, glitter, colored sand, glow-in-the-dark material and liquids, a spokesperson said.

The enclosure is designed to aesthetically enhance the CD case appearance that, like most DVDs, rely primarily on printed inserts. The new case design could lure consumers away from music downloads by making the package a value-added element, the spokesperson said.

"This insert can be custom tailored to the image of an individual artist. If the artist is in the teen pop category perhaps a colorful liquid and glitter design would be used," said Gust Kepler, Parallax president and CEO.

Parallax is gambling that major and indie record labels will embrace the idea of using special and collectors edition packaging to add appeal to CDs as movie suppliers have with DVD.


Parallax plans to license the product to major labels and manufacturers of recorded music products, luring them with an estimate that "estimates if only 5 percent of the market used the new cases, it could generate initial revenues of up to $35 million."

The enclosure does not significantly increase product packaging costs, the manufacturer promises.

Parallax will use the invention for its own artists and plans to license the product to other record labels, software and CD-ROM manufacturers, to generate another revenue.

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