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Palm Goes VOD

26 Sep, 2005 By: Jessica Wolf

Palm Pictures has launched a branded video-on-demand cable channel via Comcast Digital Cable, which will house 15 to 20 hours of free rotating content from the indie supplier.

The channel is split into four sections — one for content from Palm's library of indie film, another for selections from the Resfest shorts series, one comprised of DVD-type extras and the “Palm Festival.”

“Palm Festival” the first VOD independent film festival, said Sal Scamardo, head of video marketing for Palm. Here viewers can watch debuts of unreleased indie films, then head to the companion Web site www.palmvod.com where they can rate the films, offer feedback to the directors and producers, and tell Palm which ones they'd like to see on DVD and in theaters. Palm tentatively plans three such festivals each year.

Palm is using its entry points on the Comcast channel and Web site to promote it's DVD releases, hoping to drive the 9 million Comcast On Demand enabled users into retail locations as well as create an independent film community and gain exposure for the Palm brand, Scamardo said.

Right now the primary revenue stream is DVD sales, he said. Once things get off the ground, Palm expects to have plenty of sponsorship opportunities to support its On Demand content.

Page Thompson, VP and GM of Comcast On Demand, called Palm's content “another way to bring our customers more value, choice and control in their home entertainment experience.”

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