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Oxxo Revives Sexy Mexican Comedies

5 Oct, 2007 By: Angelique Flores

Sexo, Sudo y Risas

Sexy comedies aren't new, but they're making a comeback. Oxxo films Oct. 15 will release three new direct-to-video productions starring Mexican comedian Charly Valentino.

Transilvania, Mi Amor; Tu Prima, Tu Hermana, La Gata, y Tu Mama Tambien; and Sexo, Sudo y Risas will be priced at $14.99 each or together as a three-pack for $35.99. All the films are subtitled in English.

“This particular genre — based on scantily clad women and off-color jokes — was part of the Mexican cinema of the 1980s [and met] with great commercial appeal,” said Adam Valdex, CEO of Oxxo.

While sexy women and raunchy humor isn't foreign to U.S. films, sexy comedies from Mexico have their own twist.

“In the U.S., los galanes (“good-looking men”) make these types of films, but in Mexico they are made by los galones (“overweight men”),” Valentino said. “Think in terms of a rotund comedian being the big, sexy beast of Mexican Comedy.”

Add to that the some spiciness, picardia (“mischievousness”) and a Mexican blue-collar approach to laughter, and that's what distinguishes these films from their U.S. counterparts, Valdez said.

With the popular Valentino as the star of these films, Oxxo expects the titles will find success.

“[Valentino] is a household name for the U.S. Latino population,” Valdez said. “He is considered the prince of Mexican picardia. Apart from being well-liked and respected, he represents el Pueblo Mexicano. He has never lost sight of his beginnings, even when his career took off.”

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