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Oscar Winner Recalls Her TV Origins

24 Jan, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

She's a two-time Academy Award and double Golden Globe winner, and yes, she used to fly around TV screens in the late 1960s in a nun's habit.

Sally Field, “The Flying Nun” herself, indulged in a nostalgic look back at two TV series that helped launch her career, for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's March 21 DVD debuts of The Flying Nun: The Complete First Season and Gidget: The Complete Series.

The two boxed sets feature a new interview with the critically acclaimed actress as part of retrospective featurettes.

“Sally is such a fantastic person and a star,” said Mark Rashba, VP of catalog and TV marketing for Sony. “She really got behind these releases.”

There's more competition than ever for the TV DVD buyer, Rashba said. But classic, timeless programming such as these two releases will find its way into the right homes.

They also are two series that cannot be found in regular syndicated or cable airings, he said, making DVD the only way for nostalgic fans to interact with the shows.

“These are pretty memorable, significant Americana-type shows,” he said.

Sony has had great success with the “Gidget” movies, Rashba said, and has seen other classic TV shows such as “Bewitched” and MGM's “Green Acres” tally good numbers on DVD.

“We're doing this intelligently,” he said. “We are going to get the word out to the core fan, the classic TV lover, through promotions on TVLand and Web sites like TVonDVD.com.”

The good news is that for titles like these, the kind of display and visibility a marketer would usually want for a new theatrical release isn't necessary, Rashba said.

Once fans of these programs know the street date, it may take several weeks for them to get to the store and buy it, but they will definitely get there, Rashba said.

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