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Osbournes Take Unpredictability to DVD

13 Feb, 2003 By: Debbie Block

The Osbournes have set television on fire, and Buena Vista Home Entertainment hopes to keep that fire burning with its release of The Osbournes -- The First Season on DVD. Streeting March 4, this two-disc $29.99 DVD package stars Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, and their kids Kelly and Jack.

What is addicting about the DVD is the same thing that is addicting about the show: It's unpredictable -- anything can happen. Kelly Osbourne told Video Store Magazine that the family went into the show with nothing to prove, and that's what the audience has found appealing.While TV edits this unconventional family, DVD does not, thus never-before-seen footage is a coveted bonus feature. The DVD with all 10 episodes also offers conversations with the Osbournes shot for the DVD. They talk about life on the road, first-season stories and family values, among other things.

Correspondence between DVD producer Shannon McIntosh and the Osbournes started back in July, but she never actually met them until September. McIntosh remembers that first meeting with a chuckle.

“My first day in the house, I had three dogs and a nanny running at me. But, I love dogs!” At that first meeting, McIntosh brainstormed with the family. Sharon and Jack had the most input, she said, with Jack being the most DVD-savvy.

What do the Osbournes think about the final package? Kelly said a lot of work went into it, and she is pleased.

“I don't care about editing myself. People see me as they want to,” she said. “If they want to like you, they'll find every reason to like you. If they want to hate you, they will find every reason not to like you.” As with the show itself, what you see is what you get when it comes to The Osbournes.

In addition to the commentaries and interviews, there are set-top and DVD-ROM extras that include a game of “Edit a Scene,” where viewers can assemble their own five-minute segment of the show using various clips.

Another is the “Osbournes Bingo Game.” It uses supplied cards or new cards users can download from the Internet to play bingo while watching the episodes.

“Food Nuisance” is part of the DVD-ROM bonus materials. It's described as an old-style arcade graphics game. It features Ozzy throwing food at the neighbor's yard from his balcony.

The neighbors fight back, and after four minutes, the police arrive to take Ozzy away.

While MTV is continuing to shoot footage for the second season through March, McIntosh is already thinking ahead to the next DVD. The second season, she said, will be comprised of 20 episodes, and they already have a jump-start on bonus features for the DVD, because some of what they wanted on the first disc could not legally clear in time.

While the target audience for this DVD is 17- to 34- year-olds, parents still get the option of a censored or uncensored version. The bonus material is not rated.

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