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Online Renter CafeDVD Adds Review Clips

20 Nov, 2002 By: Hive News

CafeDVD.com and John Gynn's FlickTalkTV.com will bring streaming video movie reviews to CafeDVD's online rental site, the Web sites announced today.

This new program blends FlickTalk Television's movie review video clips with CafeDVD's online DVD rental Web site, expanding evaluation tools from movie trailers and critic to consumer feedback in a quick and informative video commentary at CafeDVD.com.

These "person-on-the-street" testimonials aim to provide site users with immediate, informative and entertaining reviews of hundreds of movies.

"Combining the best of CafeDVD with the best of John Gynn's FlickTalk Television's content makes for an easy as well as entertaining way to help movie-lovers everywhere decide what to pick and what to pan," said Mark Gynn, marketing director for FlickTalkTV. "We felt it was a natural fit.”

FlickTalkTV is a streaming video movie review syndication Web site offering testimonials on hundreds of films.

"The project was based on the simple concept of asking a neighbor `what did you think about that film?" Gynn said.

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