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Online DVD Trading Site Is Booming

17 Jun, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Peerflix.com is getting supersized.

The DVD trading site recently tracked its 1 millionth trade and announced the evolution of a group of “supertraders,” users who have traded more than 1,000 DVDs using the service.

Peerflix now has more than 35,000 unique titles offered for trade through its growing slate of registered users, said CEO and co-founder Billy McNair.

Since the site came out of its Beta phase in September 2004, it has collected thousands of new users, McNair said.

“A large percentage” of Peerflixers have traded more than 100 discs, he said. He said DVDs often are impulse buys, and people are getting selective about what they keep.

Peerflix tracks every DVD through every trade, guaranteeing the quality of the product and the transaction for users on both ends, for 99 cents per trade.

McNair said he hopes to bring more interactivity to the site in the future.

“We really want to make it this deep experience where you get the ability to discover new movies and have a dialogue with other users about a movie or a director,” he said. “We want to become that one central destination for DVD lovers whether they're looking for content, community, commerce … all those pieces.”

For now, Peerflix is strictly product-for-product trading. “There isn't a cash-sale component, but that is something we are looking at and evaluating,” McNair said.

The site also is running a “Most Unique DVD Collection” contest, open to all DVD owners, even non-Peerflix users. The contest runs through June, and winners will be announced in early July.

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