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Oliver Stone Discusses Revamped 'Alexander'

9 Aug, 2005 By: Jessica Wolf

Oliver Stone

Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone answered questions from fans as his epic 'Alexander' hit DVD in two versions from Warner Home Video: the theatrical release, which earned just $34 million in theaters, and a new revamped director's cut.

“DVD is the right medium,” Stone said, for creating alternate versions of films.

He said he gladly took the three extra months of editing and post-production time to create a new Alexander, which sports a few added scenes, new pacing and a revamped third act.

Stone said he traveled the world for the theatrical release of the film and soaked up perceptions and comments from many different perspectives and kept them in mind while creating the director's cut for DVD.

He spoke candidly of the critical hits the film has taken, from the Irish accents of some of the characters and the casting to the sexual overtones. But he stands by Alexander as a story.

“I think it's a better story than Christ,” he said.

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