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NPD Report: A Strong Launch for Game Boy Advance

27 Jun, 2001 By: Hive News

Market researcher The NPD Group Inc. reports that video game sales of Game Boy Advance for launch week, June 10 - June 16, earned about$45 million in revenue in its first week at retail.

For that launch week, Nintendo's Game Boy Advance machine also took 76% of videogame unit sales, while Sony's PlayStation 2 was pushed to second place, capturing only 10% of hardware unit share, compared to 37% one week prior to the new Game Boy's launch.

In its first week, Game Boy Advance software earned approximately $18.5 million in revenue, with over 540,000 units selling through U.S. retailers, says NPD.

The average retail price of Game Boy Advance software is $33.99, almost nine dollars more than its predecessor, Game Boy Color, which sells for an ARP of $25.09.

According to NPD, six titles for Game Boy Advance sold more than 5,700 units combined during the week of June 3 through June 9, one week before the actual system was available to the public. At launch, seven of thetop 10 selling video games were Game Boy Advance titles. The number one selling Advance title during that week was Super Mario Advance.

"The Game Boy Advance launch is a shot in the arm for the videogames industry. Kids and adults alike were looking forward to seeing cutting-edgetechnology hit the portable market with the same fervor as the console market," said Ilene Haase, director of NPD Interactive Entertainment Service.

"The GBA, a 32-bit handheld machine, offers higher resolution and color graphics, reverse compatibility with a hugelibrary of Game Boy games, better multi-player gaming, and online gaming to follow in the near future. The Game Boy Advance will also offer a multitude of usability for Nintendo's GameCube console, which will launch this November," added Haase.

Top 10 Video Game Titles Ranked on Units Sold -- June 10 - June 16, 2001
(Rank, Platform/Title, Publisher, Intro. Date)

1 GBA: Super Mario Advance (Nintendo) June `01

2 GBA: Tony Hawks Pro Skater (Activision) May `01

3 GBA: F-Zero Max Velocity (Nintendo) June `01

4 GBA: Castlevania: Circle (Konami) June `01

5 GBA: Rayman Advance (UBI Soft) June `01

6 GBC: Zelda: Oracle Seasons (Nintendo) May `01

7 GBC: Zelda: Oracle (Nintendo) May `01

8 GBA: Namco Museum (Namco)June `01

9 GBA: GT Advance Racing (THQ) June '01

10 PS2: Red Faction (THQ) May `01

(Source: NPD TRSTS Video Game Service)

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