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No Deleted Scenes for ‘Jurassic Park III' DVD

13 Jul, 2001 By: Jessica Wolf

Don't look for deleted scenes to enhance the Jurassic Park III DVD.

Director Joe Johnston kept the action-packed film at well under two hours and said he used every scene he shot —and most of the footage fromeach scene.

Clocking in at about 100 minutes, part three of the blockbuster series is the shortest so far and the first for which Stephen Spielbergrelinquished the directing reins.

Johnston, whose directing repertoire includes Jumanji and Honey, IShrunk the Kids, is no stranger to working with larger-than-life specialeffects like the ones used in Jurassic Park III. In an interview with press last week, he said the film's rough cut is just six or sevenminutes longer than the edited version.

DVD extras may come in the way of unused storyboards, Johnston said. Two other complete versions of the film were written and storyboardedbefore he scrapped the script just five weeks before filming began in Hawaii.

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