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Nielsen study shows increased TV and internet viewing in Americans

8 Jul, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

A new Nielsen study shows Americans are watching more TV than ever before and spending more time on the Internet and viewing video on their mobile devices.

The average American is spending nearly 128 hours a month watching TV, and surfing the Web for more than 26 hours per month.

Add another 5 hours a month spent watching video on cell phones, and your average American is entertained like never before.

“Commercial television is alive and well — growing 1% year over year, despite the rapid adoption of other platforms,” said John Burbank, chief marketing officer for The Nielsen Co.

As of May 2008, more than 65% of U.S. households were receiving either digital cable or satellite. One in four have DVR, and roughly 35% have VOD.

As for the Internet, 220 million Americans have Internet access, streaming 7.5 billion videos in May alone.

“Web video is changing the definition of the Internet for those under the age of 24. Those under 24 use the Internet less than older users but spend a greater percent of time viewing video. For instance, children 2-11 spend relatively little time on the Internet — just 4:58 vs. 38:47 for adults 35-44. But much more of their time is likely spent watching videothan checking email or traditional Web sites.” Burbank said.

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