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Nexpak Unveils Antitheft Rental-Disc System

22 Sep, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

Nexpak has debuted a new antitheft system for rental discs, the Amaray II Rental system.

The drop-box-friendly case design has multiple layers of protection, including magnetic locking clips that must be released at a checkstand.

The supplemental magnetic locking clips are constructed of a red high-impact plastic material that acts as a visual deterrent against tampering and theft, with an internal steel structure and prongs that keep cases locked until the clip is disengaged. The clip fits within the profile of the case, and is fast and simple to disengage with a user-friendly magnetic key.

The Amaray II can be used in conjunction with existing security tag (EAS) systems.

The case is designed with double interlocking walls on all opening edges of the case and a disc-lock tab so discs cannot be slipped out of the bottom or side of a case. The Amaray II also incorporates a patented push-button hub to protect media but still offer user-friendly operation that reduces improper media removal by customers.

“The Amaray II provides a cost-effective solution for preventing theft of displayed DVDs, and it is also durable enough to be used throughout the entire rental cycle, from checkout to the drop box,” said Ron Burdett, VP of industrial and rental products for Nexpak. “The Amaray II also simplifies inventory, with all single-disc cases having expansion tabs to hold a snap-in disc tray for two-disc releases.”

The Amaray II has the same physical dimensions the familiar Amaray DVD case and conforms to VSDA size recommendations. Cases are available with a full outer sleeve for original movie inserts for displayed product, and clear cases are also available without an outer sleeve for behind-the-counter applications. Cases and snap-in disc trays come standard in black, white and clear. Cases, clips and keys are sold separately.

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