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Newer DVD Households Big on Family Fare

17 Jul, 2002 By: Judith McCourt

About one-third of non-DVD households say they are considering the purchase of a DVD player in the next year, according to Video Store Magazine's 2002 Consumer Home Entertainment Study.

This new group of owners will join an existing 37 million DVD households in the United States, according to Adams Media Research.

As early adopter-technophiles give way to the mainstream DVD household, Video Store Magazine's Home Entertainment Study shows that those coming on board are a decidedly different breed than their predecessors. The new wave of owners will be more likely to have children in the household mix. They also are likely to purchase less frequently but rent more often than the first wave of owners.

Households that have purchased a DVD player in the past six months -- or recent adopters-- on average own 10.6 discs and with about a quarter of their library dedicated to kid fare, a distinct uptick from the number of kidvids in early adopters' collections. In those households that have owned a DVD player for three months or less, 30 percent of the collection is for children under 12.

The new DVD households are purchasing less frequently than their forerunners. Half of the newest DVD households say that they purchase at least one DVD a month. Although they purchase less frequently, these households are more active at the rental counter, with 51 percent saying that they rent a DVD at least once a week.

The future wave of DVD owners, those planning a purchase in the next year, will have an even stronger family orientation. In the next year, 38 percent of non-DVD households with children under the age of 12 are considering a hardware purchase.

Potential DVD buyers are active consumers of VHS home entertainment product. In the last year, 63 percent of these households purchased a cassette and 34 percent said they purchased at least once a month. On average these households purchased 9.8 cassettes, and 3.7 -- or almost 40 percent -- of the purchases were programs designed for children under 12.

The oncoming wave of DVD households are likely to be active renters. Almost 80 percent of these households had rented a tape in the last year, and 57 percent said they go to the video store at least once a week.

Early adopters were typically males with a penchant for obtaining entertainment in any format from video games to the movies. A look at households that have owned a DVD player for two or more years shows that they are heavy consumers of home entertainment. In just two years, they have amassed an average collection of 51.7 discs. Of those discs only 9.1, or 18 percent, are for children under the age of 12.

The early adopters are continuing to add to their collections with 54 percent saying that they purchase a DVD at least once a month. More than two-thirds say they purchase the discs for themselves, rather than for other family members. Almost three-quarters of these early adopters say they have purchased a hit release in the last year.

Despite the propensity of these technophiles to build DVD libraries, they have not abandoned the rental counter, with 42 percent saying that they rent at least one DVD a week.

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