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New Version of KaZaA Debuts

11 Feb, 2002 By: Hive News

KaZaA today began offering a much-rumored enhanced version of its popular software, the KaZaA Media Desktop.

The KaZaA Media Desktop software is available at kazaa.com.

KaZaA's Media Desktop is the most popular peer-to-peer (P2P) file transfer software. More than 35 million copies have been downloaded to date, much to the chagrin of critics who believe the software encourages illegal downloads of copyrighted materials.

The new version of the KaZaA software takes the application to a new by introducing several new features, including:

* A new recommendation function, which lets users share suggestions based on their download and search activities. The recommendation system uses ‘collaborative recommendation technology' and is the first ever peer-to-peer implementation of its type, KaZaA stated.

* A faster search function.

* A faster program start.

* A new ‘tell-a-friend' function that lets users send an automated, elective download of the KaZaA Media Desktop software to other users.

"KaZaA has a reputation for cutting edge functionality and this upgrade means we strengthen our position at the forefront of the P2P market," said CEO Nikki Hemming. "Many of these new features were suggested by the millions of active users who expect the best in usability. KaZaA has always responded to users' needs for ever better software and is once again setting the standard for P2P applications."

Perhaps twisting the knife just a little,. Hemming said, "The demand for the KaZaA Media Desktop continues to exceed our expectations with close to 1.5 million downloads a week."

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