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New TiVo Networks Homes

10 Apr, 2003 By: Hive News

Personal video recorder (PVR) creator TiVo has launched its promised Home Media Option, available to TiVo Series2 subscribers for a one-time upgrade fee of $99 for the first PVR and $49 for each additional TiVo in the same home.

Home Media Option is a basic software download, sent by broadband or phone line. Once activated, the PVR will be capable of linking over a network with Apple or Windows PCs.

Key features include shifting programs among multiple TiVo units within a home; the ability to remotely schedule same-day recordings from wherever the customer has access to an Internet connection; and streaming digital music and photos within the home from computer to PVR, without sacrificing or partitioning the recording space on the PVR.

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