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New Software Makes DVDs 3-D

25 May, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

DDD Group has announced the completion of 3-D conversion software, with its TriDef DVD Player, which turns content on any DVD into 3-D viewing without 3-D glasses.

The software is only for the personal-computer market, specifically notebooks with LCD displays, right now, said DDD CEO Chris Yewdall. His company has already partnered with licensee Sanyo for its PC notebook hardware products and is marketing the software to other computer manufacturers.

The future of the technology would definitely be to bring it into the living room, through a card installed in a DVD set-top box and 3-D-viewing-enabled TV screens, Yewdall said.

“We have been very focused on trying to find a killer app for driving consumers to buy 3-D displays,” Yewdall said. “One is 3-D movies and the other is 3-D video games.”

The 3-D content the DDD software yields isn't the same as what you would see in a theme park attraction because those movies are specifically scripted to include action elements that make things appear to hop off the screen, he said. What you do get with the 3-D conversion is a richer visual image, Yewdall said.

“It is a very compelling viewing experience,” he said. “When most people see it for the first time they're sort of in disbelief, and they take the disc out and look at it to see what we've done to it.”

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