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New Sivoo Technology Touts Web Video Mobility

10 Jan, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Sivoo Holdings, an Internet TV network operator, has introduced a new technology platform that promises easier movement of Internet video between computer, TV and mobile screens.

Dubbed CEDR (pronounced “seeder”), the technology stands for “Content, Encode, Distribute and Report.”

“The CEDR technology platform provides content owners and aggregators with the ability to distribute their video assets before a potential audience of 150 million video consumers as [video on demand], whether those consumers watch video on their TV set, home computer or mobile device,” said Sivoo president and COO Christopher Myers. “What's more, CEDR delivers the capability not only to generate, distribute, and manage video assets appropriate to each distribution platform, but also to report back on the performance of these video assets to our customers.

“ … This creates a single point of entry for content owners and aggregators interested in exploiting the growing importance of [Internet] delivered video.”

More information about CEDR and the company can be found at www.sivoo.com.

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