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New Scenes on 'Shopgirl' DVD Expand Characters

25 Apr, 2006 By: Fred Topel

The DVD of Shopgirl, based on Steve Martin's novella, will offer deleted scenes that draw more from the book, according to director Anand Tucker.

Department store heroine Mirabelle (Claire Danes) originally experienced much more in her daily grind than could fit in the finished film.

“There's a lot of other comedy scenes,” said director Anand Tucker. “And there are scenes with Claire and her boss that she had at the department store. All sorts of funny and delightful stuff, but it didn't fit the emotional throughline all the way.”

The story of the shopgirl's relationships with friends, lovers and family covered many characters, some of whose roles were diminished in the editing. Some deleted scenes that come specifically from the book involve Mirabelle's parents, played by Frances Fisher and Sam Bottoms.

“They're absolutely wonderful actors, and we were blessed to get them,” he said. “But we found in the cutting of the movie that that's a whole other story. The movie really was about the relationships, and anything that got in the way of Claire and the relationships just felt like a digression. So sadly, but brutally, it had to go on the cutting room floor.”

Tucker suspects that Shopgirl warranted such interesting deleted scenes because the story was so character-driven, it could have gone in any direction. Ultimately, he had to keep the focus on Mirabelle's relationships with older businessman Ray Porter and young slacker Jeremy.

“Because there's no plot, there's no A leads to B leads to C. It's all just emotional stuff that happens,” he said. “I've never had a film where in the cutting room, more scenes were all over the place. I would say pretty much at one point in the cutting room, every scene was pretty much everywhere.”

Buena Vista Home Entertainment's Shopgirl streets April 25.

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