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New 'Scary' Film Could Offer More Laughs on DVD

25 Apr, 2006 By: Fred Topel

Scary Movie 4

David Zucker's spoof movies always have resulted in many deleted scenes because he likes to keep the films under 90 minutes.

The Weinstein Co.'s Scary Movie 4, a spoof of horror and sci-fi films from War of the Worlds to The Grudge, could prove no exception.

Zucker thinks a deleted War of the Worlds scene in which Michael Madsen plays the hermit who takes in the heroes could wind up on the DVD.

“We had a thing where Michael Madsen is about to chop the probe with an axe, and the probe switches the mirror so that Madsen's looking at himself in the mirror and then he's trying to duke himself out in the mirror,” Zucker said. “We never tried it in front of an audience.”

The film's ending is the second one Zucker shot, and the original ending may appear on DVD.

“In the original ending, when Craig Bierko and Anna Faris bring the kids back to Molly Shannon, they kiss and look over and Brenda was so happy that she lived through the thing. Then we had the [crate] drop on her,” he said. “But it didn't get a laugh.”

Another War of the Worlds scene involves Tom Ryan (Craig Bierko) trying to let a friend into his car during the alien attack. The friend keeps pulling on the door before Ryan can unlock it. Bierko tries counting to three, but the guy keeps pulling the door at the same time.

Bierko recalled, “I know there's a version that's about five-and-a-half hours long.”

Scary Movie 4 opened at No. 1 in its theatrical debut, taking in $40.2 million the weekend ended April 16.

Zucker's early project, the short-lived “Police Squad” TV series, also is awaiting a DVD release. The series inspired the “Naked Gun” trilogy and producers have been waiting for Zucker to help them with the bonus features.

“We're scheduled to do a commentary on it,” he said.

Unfortunately, Zucker does not anticipate finding any deleted material from the six episodes. “I don't know if there's any deleted stuff,” he said. “In those days, they just threw stuff away.”

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