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New Samsung Set-Top Winks

11 Feb, 2002 By: Hive News

Samsung is introducing a new $99 interactive set-top box under a deal with digital satellite provider DirecTV.

The SIR-S60 digital satellite receiver lets viewers access more than 225 channels of DirecTV programming services and interact with select Wink Communications -enabled television shows and advertisements in real time.

DirecTV Interactive is a free service that offers interactive enhancements through a remote control whenever a flashing "I" icon appears on the upper left corner of a TV screen. Viewers may press button on the remote to reply to free offers, check local weather reports, retrieve player and team stats during sports programming or get customized stock quotes. TV viewers need only set up an account for automatic billing with a credit card and shopping applications are available at the click of a button.

"Samsung has actively sought satellite service partners that share our commitment to digital entertainment and television," said Tony Goncalves, Business Development manager for Samsung's Digital Strategy Group. "DiercTV is focused on television entertainment and has been diversifying its offerings to satisfy a growing range of consumer needs."

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