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New Samsung Player Reads Memory Sticks

12 Jun, 2002 By: Hive News

Samsung introduced its memory stick-enabled progressive scan DVD player in the United States today.

The DVD-P721M is the newest in a line of enhanced DVD players from Samsung Electronics to feature Planetweb's digital entertainment software applications, which enable digital photo and audio features with Planetweb's digital photo manager PWEasyPicture and digital audio manager PWEasyMusic.

Planetweb offers a full suite of offline and online applications, including a digital photo manager, digital audio manager, DVD-ROM Content Viewer and an Internet Communications package.

In addition to standard DVD functionality for playing movies and CDs, the DVD-P721M can also display digital photos from Sony Memory Stick or a photo CD (Kodak, Fuji, QSS or Konica); create slideshows from digital photos; edit digital photos; play MP3 music files from Sony Memory Stick and create music play lists from MP3 music files.

"We've already had great success with our software applications in the Japanese DVD player market and expect this first Planetweb-enabled DVD player from Samsung to meet U.S. consumers' demand for convenience and enhanced entertainment," said Ken Soohoo, president and CEO of Planetweb. "The first shipment of enhanced DVD players to stores in the U.S. is just the start of a larger trend of enhanced entertainment devices that consumers should expect to see on store shelves this summer and for the holiday season."

The release of the DVD-P721M signals a new trend hitting the market this summer of consumer electronics devices adding enhanced capabilities to their hardware.

"Today's consumer electronics devices are finally embracing the digital entertainment features that consumers demand -- from digital imaging and audio management to personal video recording – and we see huge growth potential," said Michelle Abraham, Senior Analyst covering multimedia and consumer electronics at In-Stat/MDR.

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