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New <I>Harry Potter</I> Contest Lets People Pick the Prize

18 Mar, 2003 By: Hive News

A walk-on role in the next "Harry Potter" movie? A private, pre-release screening of it? A private meeting with a "Harry Potter" cast member? A home entertainment center?

Which grand prize do you want?

To promote the April 11 home video release of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Warner Home Video is letting Web surfers choose from the above four choices in a poll to determine the grand prize of the Unlock the Chamber of Secrets online sweepstakes.

The poll -- found in English at www.harrypotter.com/secrets, and select sites in Korean and Quebecois -- closes March 21, and the contest starts March 28.

The first runner-up in the sweepstakes will have a private, pre-release screening of the next movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, with his or her friends. Other runners-up will receive Harry Potter merchandise prizes.

From March 28 through April 21, Harry Potter fans can enter the sweepstakes and play an online movie-scene trading-card competition by registering at www.harrypotter.com/secrets, where they will automatically receive an electronic game board and one electronic Chamber of Secrets movie-scene trading card.

Players of the online trading-card game will receive one additional sweepstakes entry -- for a maximum of 25 per person -- each day they log onto the competition Web site.

To collect cards to fill their game boards, players can: answer questions about the film, recruit friends, log onto the Web site daily and search for images of Dobby the elf on partner Web sites (including EA Games, Cartoon Network and Kids WB!), preview the Chamber of Secrets DVD content (on sites where users can preorder the DVD) and insert the DVD into their DVD-ROM drives in their computers.

Players who have purchased the Chamber of Secrets DVD will have access to two extra game boards.

Each week, players will receive a new electronic game board and have a chance to collect a new series of images from the film.

Once a full set of cards is collected, players will gain access to “unlock” a favorite movie scene, where they will receive exclusive virtual rewards, including printable certificates of participation.

Users do not have to play the online movie scene trading game to be eligible for the Unlock the Chamber of Secrets sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes winners are scheduled to be announced May 21.

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