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New Game Makes DVD A Trivia Pursuit

22 Oct, 2002 By: Hive News

Scene It?, the world's first DVD board game, hits stores nationwide today, featuring hundreds of Hollywood stars and film clips from five major movie studios.

The game is the result of an unprecedented partnership with 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks-SKG, MGM, Sony Pictures (Columbia Tri-Star) and Universal Studios. The studios have agreed to provide content from their extensive movie libraries and to co-brand the product.

"More than 30 million households already own at least one DVD player and the penetration continues to grow," says Steven Feldstein, SVP of marketing communications for Fox Home Entertainment. "This holiday season, DVDs and everything related to DVDs will be among the hottest gifts, creating a huge market for Scene It? and its clever integration of film and fun."

Scene It? – The DVD Movie Game is available through specialty retailers including Nordstrom, Nordstrom.com, The Game Keeper and Wizards of the Coast for $49.99 MSRP.

The new game combines the fun of a classic board game with DVD technology, Scene It? is designed to appeal to casual movie-goers and film buffs alike.

"The great thing about the game is that you don't have to be a movie buff to win," said David Long, Scene It?'s co-creator. "Even casual moviegoers can do well because many of the questions are based upon observation, memory and puzzle solving."

In addition to movie trivia cards and questions about scenes featured on the Scene It? DVD, the game keeps players of all levels engaged with 11 on-screen challenges including Distorted Reality, Invisibles, Spellbinders and Soundclips.

Scene It? is the first game to employ Optreve, a new technology that enhances the functions of a DVD player.

"Optreve puts more `play' in your DVD player," said Craig Kinzer, Scene It?'s co-creator.

By letting DVD players randomly access hundreds of video clips and puzzlers and keep track of what has already been played, Optreve ensures that every game of Scene It? offers new and exciting challenges. The technology is so simple to operate; players only need to know how to play a movie on their DVD player to put Scene It? into action.

"We think Scene It? makes a great addition to our selection of holiday gift ideas at Nordstrom. It combines board game sensibility with the latest DVD technology on a topic that has appeal for customers of all ages,” said Martine Burkel, Nordstrom's national merchandise manager for gifts. “Games are a great interactive way of spending time with friends and family during the holidays, so we're excited to be able to have the hottest new offering in this category for our customers."

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