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New 'Galactica' Reconnects With Old

28 Jul, 2007 By: John L. Billy G.

Michelle Forbes as Admiral Cain

SAN DIEGO — Fans of the re-imagined “Battlestar Galactica” series are in for a treat when the special direct-to-video movie Razor hits this fall. As part of the movie's time-shifting storyline, viewers will be able to see elements from the 1970s original “Galactica” series.

Razor airs on Sci Fi Channel Nov. 24 and will premiere on DVD a few weeks later, before the debut of the fourth season in January.

The movie is basically a standalone two-part episode that tells the history of the battlestar Pegasus, which played a prominent role on the series in the second season. Executive producer Ronald D. Moore said the movie covers a span of about 50 years, and two wars between the humans and robotic Cylons. The title is an allusion to a scene in Patton that refers to the hardening of soldiers.

The entire cast of the regular series will appear, and Michelle Forbes will return as Admiral Cain, commander of the Pegasus.

“And, you'll see the original Cylon centurions and the original Cylon Raiders,” executive producer David Eick told an audience at Comic-Con International. “It had to happen sometime.”

According to Moore, the DVD will include the uncut version of the movie, including scenes cut for the TV airing. Moore said the excised content will be released as special two-minute mini episodes in the weeks leading up to the Sci Fi Channel premiere.

Razor won't resolve any of the cliffhangers from the third season, but will introduce story elements that play out in the fourth season, which has been announced as the show's last.

“The decision is just to end the show while we're still at the top of our game,” Moore said, adding that the production of more “Galactica” movies depends on how Razor performs on DVD.

The DVD boxed set of the third season has yet to be announced.

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