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New Company Looking to Expand Budget DVD

23 Mar, 2005 By: Jessica Wolf

Global Multimedia's Gary Delfiner says the company's budget TV fare is more beefy than others.

There's been a bevy of “dollar DVD” bins popping up at retailers across the spectrum over the past year, but the value market is far from saturated, said Gary Delfiner, co-founder of Global Multimedia Corp.

There are 400,000 potential discount, dollar, grocery and drug store outlets perfect for this type of product, Delfiner said, but only a fraction of those stores are carrying value-priced DVD. And that number doesn't even include other potential selling locations like gift stores, he said.

Global Multimedia, after seven months in business, already has product in 15,000 dollar stores across the country, thanks in part to the infrastructure the company had from the get-go. Co-founder Elliot Stone (who also founded the West Coast Video chain) was already running a business in supplying confectionary products to the dollar-store market. The company has shipped 1.5 million units of value-priced DVD titles to market so far.

Now, the burgeoning company is charging its national sales force to broaden its retail presence, Delfiner said.

“We're really expanding way out of the dollar-store business,” he said. “The dollar stores, although we love selling to the dollar stores, are really all about price. Other retailers are still about price, but they're also about value.”

The titles in Global Multimedia's catalog are, like its competitors, from the public domain, featuring films like His Girl Friday, Jungle Book, The Little Princess, as well as programming from TV series like “The Lone Ranger,” “Andy Griffith,” “The Beverly Hillbillies” and cartoons like “Popeye,” “Mighty Mouse” and “Casper.”

What sets his company apart from the rest, Delfiner says, is that each title comes in a slim Amaray-style case with four-color cover art, and more programming per-disc, with five TV episodes included, compared to the average two or three, and two hours of cartoons on each of those releases.

Interestingly enough, Delfiner said, the most popular sellers are in the cardboard packaging, an option the company also offers.

Global Multimedia provides several merchandising options for its retail accounts, including a power wing shipper, which comes stocked with product and can be hung on to the side of existing shelving endcaps.

Delfiner said Global Multimedia is also looking into creating branded private lines of value-priced DVD product for select retailers.

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