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New AOL Software Adds Radio@AOL and AOL Box Office

16 Oct, 2001 By: Staff Reporter

America Online Inc. on Tuesday announced the launch of AOL 7.0, which, according to the world's leading Internet service provider, "integrates local programming into every part of the service, provides easy access to high-speed audio and video content, and... music and entertainment features."

The new version adds two new features: Radio@AOL, described as the "first built-in radio service designed to make it easy for mass-market consumers to access their favorite music online" and AOL Box Office, which offers "one-stop access to tickets for events of every kind."

The upgrade, gratis to current subscribers, also includes enchancements to existing features such as e-mail, instant messaging and the Buddy List feature, AOL's calendar and media player and an upgraded pictures service that allows members to upload pictures directly from any digital camera or scanners.

AOL president Jonathan Sacks said that many of the upgrades were a result of feedback from its 31 million users. "We listen to what our members want and build the service around the way they live their lives. By adding new features, providing enhancements to the features that our members have known and loved for years, and retooling the AOL software 'under the hood' to make the service work more smoothly and easily, AOL 7.0 is the best online experience ever," he said.

AOL members who use a PC and the Window OS can upgrade to new version AOL 7.0 at AOL Keyword: Upgrade. Others can download the new version at www.aol.com. The upgrade is unavailable for Macintosh users.

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