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Netflix Users Weigh In on Oscar Broadcast

6 Mar, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Netflix.com users are movie lovers of the first degree — of that there is no doubt.

The online rentailer polled its customers on their favorite moments from Sunday night's Academy Awards ceremony, and Netflixers were quick to put in their two cents regarding Hollywood's most glamorous night.

The most memorable moment of the night went to Crash's unexpected win in the best picture category, with 30% of Netflix voters numbering it at the top of their list.

Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep were voted the best presenters for their clever banter as they introduced Robert Altman's honorary Oscar. The impromptu Oscar-comedy duo garnered 44% of the best-presenter vote of the night at Netfllix.

Reese Witherspoon struck a chord with Netflix users for her humble and mannered acceptance of the best actress award, with 36% of voters naming hers the “Most Memorable Speech” of the night.

Rap group Three 6 Mafia's surprising win for best song — “It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp” from Hustle & Flow — sparked this off the cuff comment from first-time host Jon Stewart: "For those of you keeping score at home … Martin Scorsese: Zero Oscars; Three 6 Mafia: One." It tickled Netflix users, 30% of which voted it the top ad-libbed line of the ceremony.

The stylish Charlize Theron (28%), Nick Park and Steve Box (24%) and Michelle Williams (22%) got the seal of approval from Netflix voters for the most memorable fashion choice.

The animated presenters Chicken Little< and Abby Mallard didn't go over as well with the online renters. Only 6% of Netflix voters named this pair from Disney's Chicken Little the most memorable presenter of the evening.

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