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Netflix Gets a Best Buy Boost; <I>The Hulk</I> Looms

29 Jun, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

Once again, shoppers at a Costa Mesa, Calif., Best Buy location were peppered with reasons to sign up for Netflix's online rental service as they gathered up DVD purchases. A signup table at the entrance to the DVD software section was staffed with helpful clerks last week and Best Buy's Sunday mailer for the area promoted a special deal -- a free $10 gift card with the purchase of The Hours and Punch-Drunk Love along with a Netflix signup.A Netflix CD-ROM software kit was stocked alongside the two titles with an enclosed assortment of in-store coupons.

20th Century Fox's Death of the Incredible Hulk DVD made an impression at retail last week with a merchandiser in Wal-Mart's limited floor space and endcap shelving at a nearby Target.

A pair of brothers and their dad swooped over to the video section after the striking, green-on-black box art caught their eyes.

“Oh look, ‘The Hulk!,’ one kid exclaimed. His dad picked up the DVD box muttering incredulously, “This can't be out already.”

“It's not the real Hulk,” the older brother smarted. “It's the other one,” then quickly looked at Dad -- “Can we get it?”

Dad handed over the disc and led the excited kids onward.

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