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Netflix Acquires New Execs

13 Jan, 2003 By: Hive News

Online rentailer Netflix has hired two new product and acquisition executives, the company announced today.

Cindy Holland joined the company as director of content acquisition and will oversee distribution agreements that involve revenue-sharing with major studios and independent producers. Before joining Netflix, she held senior merchandising and acquisition positions at Kozmo.com, Inc., Mutual Film Company and Baltimore/Spring Creek Productions. Her work has included marketing and development projects with Columbia Tristar, DreamWorks, Fox, Warner Brothers, HBO and TNT.

Jeffrey Briller is on board as senior DVD purchasing manager and will oversee purchasing for the Netflix catalog – which a spokesperson said has reached more than 13,500 titles – and new release buying through agreements that do not include revenue-sharing. Prior to Netflix, he developed programming and distribution deals with major studios, independent producers and cable networks while at DirecTV. Previously, he managed marketing and distribution projects at FX Networks and Savoy Pictures Entertainment.

Both will participate in Netflix's “unique content initiative,” designed to bring critically acclaimed, undistributed content to the market.

Proprietary software called Cinematch lets Netflix's more than 850,000 subscribers rate movies. Knowing subscribers' preferences in choosing and rating films allows Netflix to customize recommendations and has created a unique and compelling channel by which to market films more efficiently. As a result, the spokesperson said, Netflix often becomes the initial digital distributor for a title, providing the artists and studios a powerful channel and the viewing public access to a wider variety of films.

"Providing our subscribers access to the most extensive library of DVD titles available anywhere has been a cornerstone of Netflix success," said Ted Sarandos, VP of content acquisition. "Cindy and Jeff not only bring relationships but experience and insights into the variety of channels from which we source content, including the major studios, independent producers, film festivals and television/cable networks."

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