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Netflix Acquires Comic Book Publisher Millarworld

7 Aug, 2017 By: Stephanie Prange

Netflix Aug. 7 announced it acquired Millarworld, the comic book publisher founded by Mark Millar, the creator of such iconic characters and stories as “Kick-Ass,” “Kingsman” and “Old Man Logan,” according to a Netflix press release.

Netflix will bring Millarworld's portfolio of character franchises to films, series and kids' shows globally, according to the press release. Millarworld will also continue to create and publish new stories and character franchises under the Netflix label.

The acquisition, the first ever by Netflix, is a “natural progression in the company's effort to work directly with prolific and skilled creators and to acquire intellectual property and ownership of stories featuring compelling characters and timeless, interwoven fictional worlds,” according to the press release.

Terms of the transaction weren't disclosed.

"As creator and re-inventor of some of the most memorable stories and characters in recent history, ranging from Marvel's ‘The Avengers’ to Millarworld's ‘Kick-Ass,’ ‘Kingsman,’ ‘Wanted’ and ‘Reborn’ franchises, Mark is as close as you can get to a modern-day Stan Lee," said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos in a statement. "We can't wait to harness the creative power of Millarworld to Netflix and start a new era in global storytelling."

"This is only the third time in history a major comic book company has been purchased at this level," said Millar in a statement. "I'm so in love with what Netflix is doing and excited by their plans. Netflix is the future and Millarworld couldn't have a better home."

Millar, who runs Millarworld with his wife, Lucy Millar, is one of the most consistent hitmakers in the graphic novel and comics world, according to the release. In his eight years at Marvel, he developed the comic books and story arcs that inspired the first Avengers movie, Captain America: Civil War and Logan (Wolverine)which collectively grossed more than $3 billion in worldwide box office. Since Millarworld was started, the company and its co-creators have given birth to 18 published character worlds, of which three, “Wanted,” “Kick-Ass” and “Kingsman,” have yielded theatrical films that together have grossed nearly $1 billion in global box office.

"Mark has created a next-generation comics universe, full of indelible characters living in situations people around the world can identify easily with," added Sarandos. "We look forward to creating new Netflix Originals from several existing franchises as well as new superhero, anti-hero, fantasy, sci-fi and horror stories Mark and his team will continue to create and publish.”

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