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National Geographic Films Become Video Games

7 Nov, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

National Geographic has teamed with gamemaker Destination Software Incorporated (DSI) to create and distribute games from National Geographic's film franchises.

The deal includes current and future properties and launches with a game based on March of the Penguins hitting stores this month for Nintendo's GameBoy Advance and DS systems.

In 2007, DSI will release Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure, an upcoming National Geographic Giant Screen Films title.

The “March of the Penguins” game follows the film's survival story while adding exciting challenges and obstacles. The title will be offered individually and in a special “March of the Penguins package” that includes National Geographic books and a plush toy.

“The Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure” video game release will coincide with National Geographic Giant Screen Films' worldwide premiere of Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure October 5, 2007. It will be released in 2-D and 3-D formats and will play in IMAX© and other specialty theaters. The game play will be similar to the film, showcasing a prehistoric world that brings sea creatures to life as they journey through Earth's ancient seas. It will be available on the new Nintendo Wii, making full use of the exceptional interactive experience Wii has to offer, as well as on the popular Sony PS2 and Nintendo DS platforms. “Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure” is being produced by National Geographic and is funded in part by the National Science Foundation.

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