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NAB Campaigns for Digital Broadcast

15 Oct, 2007 By: Chris Tribbey

The National Association of Broadcasters is spear-heading a nearly $700 million awareness campaign, informing and educating the public regarding the Feb. 17, 2009 switchover from analog broadcasts to digital.

“I am proud that NAB is leading what may be the largest volunteer effort in the history of television, with literally every market and network involved,” said Jack Sander, chairman of NAB's joint board of directors. “This effort illustrates the continuing commitment by broadcasters to educating all television viewers about the DTV transition.”

All TV stations will be required to switch from analog to digital signals on the Feb. 17, 2009 date.

The NAB's awareness campaign will include TV spots, news tickers during some programming, 30-minute educational programs, a 100-day countdown, press in magazines and newspapers, a 600-location road show, a speakers bureau and Web ads. In addition to every network, 95 broadcasting companies representing 939 TV stations are participating.

“The broadcasting community is wholly dedicated to making sure no television viewers lose access to free, over-the-air broadcast television due to a lack of information about the switch to digital,” said David Rehr, president and CEO of NAB. “This next phase of our DTV consumer education campaign will take our current initiatives to the next level.”

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