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The Mysteries of Snacking Revealed!

3 Apr, 2002 By: Hive News

Blockbuster Video will expand its proprietary microwave popcorn line to include home Buttery Roasted Corn and Kettle Corn-flavored snacks, the chain announced.

"Popcorn is popular coast to coast with very few regional taste preferences," said Brian Kuterbach, senior buyer for Blockbuster. "Although we do see a preference for natural-flavored popcorn in California and Kettle Corn in the Northwest, popcorn is pretty much one of the major food groups in every state."

Funny movies are the most likely to prompt popcorn eating, with 47 percent of respondents saying they like to munch while they chortle, a recent Blockbuster survey delving into the inner mysteries of movie snacking revealed.

Scary movies also bring out the crave to crunch in 35 percent of respondents. Popcorn and romance are not such a natural fit -- just 14 percent of respondents eat popcorn with their romantic films and a mere 4 percent enjoy popcorn with their tearjerkers, the online survey Blockbuster conducted March 1 to 4 found.

Since the early days of silent films, popcorn has been the official snack of movie watchers, and it is still the favorite snack for watching movies at home. For those who like to eat and sip while watching movies at home, 41 percent munch popcorn, 66 percent drink sodas, 28 percent eat dinner or supper, 9 percent choose chips and 6 percent consume candy, according to a separate survey the Gallup Organization fielded for Blockbuster.

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