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MVD Launches Eclectic DVD Distribution

19 Sep, 2001 By: Hive News

Eclectic DVD Distribution, a division of Oaks, Pa.-based MVD, will be launched by Oct. 9 with the goal of becoming the leading distributor of rare and independent films on DVD.

MVD formed Eclectic in response to the growing number of independent films gaining mainstream attention, as well as to introduce intriguing older films on DVD.

"For years we turned down non-music films for distribution for two reasons; we didn't want to dilute the strong image of MVD doing music DVD and video. We also didn't want to do a mediocre job with the independent films," said Jennifer Camper, director of national Sales for Eclectic. "By launchingEclectic, we are able to get separation and focus of the two product lines and also bring our customers the highest level of service with a specialized and knowledgeable sales force."

Eclectic is launching 17 films from Screen Edge, Amos Poe, Ivy Video, Skgrilla and Ikos. These films include: The Bedroom, Japanese Pink Cinema featuring "chemically-enabled forbidden pleasure"; Tandem, Japanese Pink Cinema featuring "sexual predators on the Tokyo commuter trains"; Dream of Garuda, a figment of "Oriental lust"; Black Christmas, a horror/thriller starring Margot Kidder; Unmade Beds, a photographer's battle between fantasy and reality, with Debbie Harry;The Foreigner, about a foreigner adrift in a violent New York City; Calvary Charge, starring Ronald Reagan in a Civil War conflict; Da Mission, an underground hip-hop adventure; Man Woman Film, a journey through the mind an epileptic poet; Black Jesus, a true story of a man who turned martyr in 20th century Congo; Futz, in which one man's unnatural affections for his pig cause his neighbors to react in bizarre ways; and Dragnet, featuring three classic episodes from 1950.

Eclectic will also partner with Stuart Shapiro and Cult DVD in releasing several titles including Tunnel Vision, Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen & Heavyweights of Comedy, The Real Andy Kaufman and Midnight Rider. Shapiro has a long history in the video business, having launched one of the earliest video boutique labels in 1978, Harmony Vision, which was distributed through Vestron.

"The DVD format is perfectly suited for my signature brand of programming," Shapiro said. "I am delighted to be with Eclectic as they expand our reach into the growing DVD market."

MVD, a leading producer of music DVD, has had a successful year with titles such as Rage: 20 Years of Punk Rock, Blank Generation/Dancing Barefoot, Songs for Cassavetes, Israel Vibration, Dead Kennedys, Better Living through Circuitry and legendary reggae movie Rockers. Eclectic aims to capitalize on the growing popularity of the DVD market by offeringconsumers rare, nontraditional and unusual films. By year's end, Eclectic expects to have 20 or more titles in its catalog.

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