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MTI Shining a New Video Label

12 Dec, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

Nail biters beware. MTI home entertainment president Larry Brahms and Delta Entertainment president Joe Kelly Jackson have formed a new product line for edgy, suspenseful, thriller-type titles: Redrum Entertainment.

And, yes, the new name comes from the creepy finger-talking kid from The Shining.

“It's kind of ominous, isn't it?” Brahms said of the name. “[Redrum titles] are kind of like … the thrills and the chills, a little bloody murder, a little horror and a lot of suspense.”

The idea to start a new video stream for edgy, alternative under-$1 million productions came from submissions the company regularly receives that just don't fit into MTI's other labels, like Delta, which is primarily urban titles, and Fangoria, which features gory horror flicks, Brahms said.

“Then we thought, maybe we need a label for specifically this type of movie,” he said.

The Florida-based supplier already has two titles signed for the label, chosen from previous submissions, and would like to have at least three more prepped before officially launching the line with a release, Brahms said.

And they haven't quite found the perfect title to roll out the Redrum carpet.

“We're looking for that quintessential title, that really says everything we are trying to accomplish with this new line,” Brahms said.

Never fear, he added. The first two Redrum releases should be ready for the video pipeline by the end of the second quarter, and the company hopes to eventually release a Redrum title every other month.

“It's one thing to release a film. It's another thing to create an identity for a label,” Brahms said. “We want to put out the right films that have the right symmetry.”

The titles will cross genre boundaries, he said, to include everything from martial-arts-type action to vampire horror to cerebral thrills.

“The main ingredient is the fact that they're going to be fresh, exciting and a little bit different than you're going to see elsewhere,” Brahms said. “There are filmmakers out there who have a lot of imagination who have gone a little over the top, and with Redrum we might just be able to get them seen.”

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