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MTI Continues With Anna Nicole Smith Release

13 Feb, 2007 By: Billy Gil

Anna Nicole Smith in Illegal Aliens.

Despite the untimely death of star Anna Nicole Smith, MTI Home Video will release Illegal Aliens on DVD as planned in May.

The sci-fi comedy, from Edgewood Studios and directed by David Giancola, featured Smith as one of three female aliens sent to save Earth from an intergalactic terrorist, played by Joanie Laurer (“The Surreal Life,” former WWE wrestler “Chyna”). Smith was a producer of the film, while her late son Daniel was an associate producer.

“Anna invested in the production for her and her son, and was involved in creative aspects, adding numerous elements and rewrites for her character,” said the film's executive producer and actor, John James (“All My Children”). “This movie may just be the Abbey Road of films for Anna Nicole Smith fans.”

Prior to Smith's death, the film already had been announced and was being sold to retail. MTI Home Video previously had held off on the release because of the death of Daniel Smith and was planning to dedicate the film to him this May, with a publicity campaign with Anna.

The DVD will include a filmmaker commentary, a making-of featurette, deleted scenes and a gag reel.

TMZ.com also reports that DVD sales on Amazon.com for Smith's reality show The Anna Nicole Show: The First Season had risen 180,000% since her death, moving from a ranking of 27,014 to 15. The ranking has since fallen to No. 32.

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