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MSN Offers Video Sharing Service

24 Oct, 2002 By: Hive News

Consumer broadband applications provider Neptune, Inc. announced today that MSN will provide all subscribers of the newly launched MSN 8 Internet service with access to Neptune's Mediashare video sharing service.

In an effort to upgrade existing MSN subscribers to MSN 8 and entice new subscribers to sign up for the service, Microsoft will offer subscription-based Mediashare as part of a collection of ancillary applications and services that are available only to MSN 8 subscribers. The service provides the means to share videos online.

"With the launch of MSN 8, Microsoft is demonstrating its commitment to providing customers with a superior broadband experience," said James Tippets, president and CEO of Neptune, Inc. "Mediashare is a natural fit with MSN 8 as it allows people to take advantage of one of the great promises of broadband technology -- the ability to quickly and easily share personal digital media. With Mediashare, Microsoft is giving people one more way to make the Web more useful."

Neptune recently announced that Microsoft had selected Mediashare as an online video-sharing component of its Windows Movie Maker digital video editing software.

"We've designed MSN 8 to deliver the very best online experience to consumers," said Bob Visse, director of MSN. "Bringing together innovative services such as Neptune's Mediashare that have been built from the ground up specifically for high-speed Internet users is one way we're delivering on this promise."

Mediashare lets subscribers upload their favorite videos, build albums complete with music and audio tracks and share the images with family and friends. There are more than 30 templates available to create themed albums for birthdays, holidays, vacations, sporting events and family occasions. Subscribers can create as many albums as they want and will get their own Web address so they can point people directly to their personal gallery.

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