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Movielink Offers Free <I>Chubbchubbs</I> Download

10 Mar, 2003 By: Hive News

Movielink, the studio-backed online movie download service, will offer high-speed Internet users a free download of Sony Pictures Imageworks' The ChubbChubbs, one of this year's Academy Award nominees for Best Animated Short Film.

The ChubbChubbs is the first digitally animated short film produced by Imageworks, the animation and visual effects division of Sony Pictures Digital. Movie fans in the U.S. can download the short to their computers with no charge and no obligation.

"We are particularly happy to offer movie fans a free, authorized and convenient way to view 'The ChubbChubbs,'" Movielink CEO said Jim Ramo. "It is unusual to get this chance to view first- run shorts, let alone Academy Award-nominated films, on the Internet."

The animated short features the inhabitants of the planet Glorf, including Meeper, its earnest but awkward hero, the singing Diva, the ZyZaks and the ChubbChubbs. In this debut short, Meeper tries to warn the patrons of the Ale-E-Inn, an intergalactic watering hole with its own constellation of stars, of impending danger only to find himself face to face with the toughest creatures in the universe.

"The response to The ChubbChubbs has been overwhelming," said Tim Sarnoff, president of Sony Pictures Imageworks. "Many people have called and asked where they could find The ChubbChubbs, and now we're happy to direct them to Movielink."

Movielink also has an Oscar Showcase section where users can download previous Academy Award-winning and -nominated films, such as Braveheart, As Good As It Gets, Jerry Maguire, Philadelphia, Platoon and Erin Brockovich.

After downloading movies from Movielink, customers can store movies for up to 30 days. Once play is initiated, they can watch a movie as many times as they like in a 24-hour period, then the file self-terminates. Downloads range between $2.95 and $4.99.

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