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Movielink to Get Koch's 'Lost Tomb of Jesus'

19 Apr, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

Koch Entertainment and leading download site Movielink.com have teamed up for an exclusive on the controversial documentary Lost Tomb of Jesus.

Movielink will have an exclusive director's cut version of the doc, available for digital purchase simultaneously with the April 24 DVD street date and have an exclusive download window for a month.

The release also marks Movielink's content partnership with prolific indie distributor Koch Entertainment. Alongside the Lost Tomb of Jesus launch, Movielink users will have access to Koch's extensive selection of independent feature films, documentaries, musical performances, television shows and educational videos, adding to Movielink's library of more than 3,000 titles.

Major exclusives are few and far between in the digital market, but Movielink has scored a few, most recently in December with Blood and Oil – The Middle East in World War I from Inecom Entertainment.

The site makes the most out of exclusive download windows with targeted promotions and marketing to its members, said Mary Coller Albert, chief marketing officer for Movielink.

“We've been around long enough now that we are really a mature site, so our marketing and offerings can really be tailored to the right people who would want to purchase a title,” she said.

Movielink was also one of the destinations for Showtime Entertainment's recent promotion of its new original series “The Tudors.” While plenty of other sites had free streaming video of the first two episodes from the sexy historical drama, Movielink offered free downloads, which can often be a more seamless viewing experience.

“I think you'll see more of that,” Albert said. “We're becoming a lot more aggressive.”

Movielink now has a stable of 30 independent film companies providing regular content to the service, along with the major studios, she said.“This new partnership with Movielink further solidifies our commitment to delivering the best in digital home video entertainment,” said Michael Rosenberg, president of Koch Entertainment Distribution. “Movielink now gives us a broader platform to expand our digital presence by positioning our independent programs with the company's built-in major studio partners and properties.”

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