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Movielabs to Protect Against Piracy

20 Sep, 2005 By: John Latchem

Six major motion picture studios announced Monday the formation of a new nonprofit research and development company called Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc. (Movielabs), which will create new technologies to protect the distribution of films and other works as well as to protect against electronic theft, particularly on the Internet.

The founding owners of Movielabs are Walt Disney Pictures and Television, Paramount Pictures Corp., Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Universal City Studios LLLP and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

“Movielabs is a smart investment that will help the entertainment industry adopt new means of fighting piracy and protecting copyrights,” said MPAA president and CEO Dan Glickman.

Projects envisioned by Movielabs include developing new technologies to detect camcorders; evaluating and exploring network management technologies for traffic shaping, port access controls, client software detection, data management and other related tools. These new technologies also will be recommended to universities, corporations, Internet service providers and other network services operators to reduce piracy.

Movielabs will locate offices and staff in Los Angeles.

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