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Movieflix.com Beefs Up Platform

29 Jul, 2002 By: Hive News

Broadband movie streamer MovieFlix.com and next-generation platform company Surgient Networks today announced that MovieFlix.com will deploy Surgient's streaming technology to handle its growing subscriber demand for on-line movie entertainment.

MovieFlix.com delivers a library of full-length movies, short films, Independent films and television shows using Microsoft's Windows Media and RealNetworks Real Player technology. The site has more than 650,000 registered members and 5,500 MovieFlix Plus paying monthly subscribers and claims an average subscriber retention rate of more than 80 percent.

"By partnering with such best-of-breed technology providers as Surgient Networks, we are assuring our customers and subscribers the highest quality broadband service available," said Opher Mizrahi, MovieFlix.com CEO. "Technology is key to improving service levels and managing operating expense, and Surgient has proven that its eQ2500 product can easily accomplish both tasks."

Surgient's eQ2500 serves up to 17,000 on-demand streams and 14,000 live streams from a single, 3.5-inch-high storage, computing and networking convergence platform. The eQ2500 assures stream setup times of less than four seconds regardless of system load and yields the lowest cost per stream.

"Surgient offers MovieFlix.com an immediate solution to its broadband streaming needs, and can quickly scale to handle peak streaming times and future customer growth," said Surgient president Scott Johnson. "The management capabilities of Surgient's platform enables MovieFlix.com to create different classes of service for paying subscribers and registered customers, thus assuring that paying subscribers enjoy premium treatment and a high value-added experience."

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