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Movie Downloaders Believe They're Going Green, Survey Says

22 Jul, 2008 By: Carrie Widder

Representative of the current global push to get green and cut down on waste, results from a CinemaNow survey show that 94% of respondents said they believe they have made a contribution to the environment by downloading movies and TV shows.

The survey showed 87% of respondents believe renting DVDs through stores or by mail service will become a thing of the past. Respondents also said they felt they saved money from high gas prices by cutting the drive to the video store as well as time lost waiting in line at the store or for DVDs by mail.

The survey also showed that consumer adoption of sharing features such as streaming to IP-enabled TV or loading content onto MP3 players pales in comparison to that of burning DVDs. More than half of those surveyed responded that they have tried burning digital movies onto DVDs.

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