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Motorola Survey Shows Millennials Influence Family Media Purchases

19 May, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Young people ages 16-27 (“Millennials”) are a big influence on what services families buy and have bigger expectations for what their media can do, a study by Motorola Inc. has found.

“With the Millennial generation, connectivity is an absolute must-have,” said Eduardo Conrado, corporate VP of global marketing and communications for Motorola. “Millennials are looking to make their connectivity more personalized and take experiences from ‘primetime' to ‘my time.' This study provides a clear barometer that shows the changes in demand and growth opportunities as Millennials continue to increase their buying power.”

The study found that 71% of those surveyed had influence over their parents' buying decisions for cable, DSL or satellite services, and 62% had influence over HDTV purchases.

Meanwhile 84% said they wanted movies on demand, and 83% wanted the ability to take downloaded content from a DVR and use it on mobile players.

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