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8 Jan, 2002 By: Hive News

Expect to see more Motorola phones in the movies in the coming year or two.

Motorola, Inc. has retained Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to develop "integrated marketing programs that leverage entertainment properties."

The company attributes increased visibility to its film and television placements to date.

"In a saturated marketplace, capturing consumers' attention and influencing their attitudes and behaviors is ever more challenging," said David Pinsky, director of Entertainment Marketing for Motorola's Personal Communications Sector. "Success means immersing the Motorola brand into popular culture and making it a part of our consumers' lives. CAA's role will be to evaluate, identify and create opportunities that leverage the passion people reserve for their favorite entertainment, and then help us integrate these into programs that complement Motorola's marketing efforts."

"Entertainment has more influence than ever on how people think about brands and products,'' said Geoffrey Frost, v.p. Consumer Communications, Motorola Personal Communications Sector. "David's management of our efforts and presence in Hollywood has yielded a consistently outstanding return on Motorola's investments in entertainment. Given CAA's expertise and reach across the film, television and music industries, they are the ideal strategic partner to help us maximize these investments in brand integration in North America and around the globe."

In addition to their strategic relationship with CAA, Motorola's Entertainment Marketing office still retains the services of PMK/HBH for entertainment outreach and public relations as well as those of UPP, which orchestrates the company's product placement campaign in film and television vehicles.

Since the January 2000 opening of the Los Angeles Entertainment Marketing office, Motorola's industry outreach campaign has yielded high profile results that include:

* Adoption of Motorola's as the two-way pager of choice among the hip-hop community, which has helped drive sales within the mass consumer audience.

* Integral placement of Motorola cell phones, two-way pagers and two-way radios within hit TV shows like "Friends," "Will & Grace," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Sex and the City," "Gilmore Girls," "NYPD Blue" and others.

"Like telecommunications, entertainment is an increasingly important part of our day-to-day lives, and an increasingly important part of how marketers connect with and influence their audiences," said CAA's Roger Fishman. "Working with Motorola is a terrific opportunity to help instill one of the world's great telecom brands even deeper into popular culture."

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