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Motley Crue Turns Up the Volume

26 Jul, 2005 By: Jessica Wolf

Mötley Cr?e and Clear Channel Entertainment are determined to release the loudest, wildest DVD possible to document the hard-driving group's hot world tour with Mötley Cr?e: Carnival of Sins.

The double-disc set arrives Oct. 4 (prebook Aug. 23) for $24.98.

It's the first DVD release from Clear Channel Entertainment, which is partnered with Ventura Distribution for its music DVDs.

“We knew we needed to come out with a really, really strong title,” said Steve Sterling, SVP of Clear Channel Entertainment Television.

The Cr?e show was the right one, he said. The band's most recent tour is a concept show with a carnival theme, complete with fire-eaters, wire gymnasts, pyrotechnics and animated video.

“Concept shows are something that are really going to become important for DVD,” Sterling said.

It was important to the band to work very closely with Clear Channel to get the right audio and visuals on the disc to capture the essence of the live show, said Cr?e bassist Nikki Sixx.

“We've always been a very visual band,” he said. “For us, the difficult part of doing a DVD is the same as the difficult part of doing a record — to capture what a rock band does on film, or on tape, is almost impossible.”

Still, Cr?e is pleased with the final product, though they did plenty of tweaking, Sixx said.

Sterling was thrilled that the concert and the extra footage were shot in high-definition, but it looked too pristine, Sixx said. So the high-def footage was “filmized” to look grainier, dirtier and more “rock ‘n' roll.”

It was essential that everything came together the way the band visualized it, Sixx said.

“This is our vision,” he said. “This is our passion. This is what we want to say with our visual presence and the audio. The audio has got to have that thunder to it that you hear live — the ambiance.”

The first disc features the two-and-a-half-hour concert with rich special visual effects and 5.1 Surround Sound audio.

“We live all day long and all night long for that time on stage, so I want to take as much time on that stage as possible,” Sixx said.

Disc two is packed with extras, including a behind-the-scenes “docCR?Ementary,” exclusive interviews, music videos and a clay-animation segment starring Mötley Cr?e, which opens each show on the tour and will eventually be a feature film.

Sixx said he thinks fans will get a charge out of the behind-the-scenes footage, which details the work and people it takes to get a show like this on stage and on fire safely every night.

“It's less to do with the band,” he said. “The band kind of fires on all cylinders without all the hoopla, but the hoopla needs to be organized chaos.”

This is the most theatrical Cr?e show ever, he said.

“Before, it's been big and it's been raw and it's been dirty, and now it's big and very theatrical,” Sixx said.

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