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More Stunts on Tap For 'Jackass 2' DVD

5 Oct, 2006 By: Fred Topel

Jackass Number Two features 90 minutes of crazy stunts from Johnny Knoxville and the gang. But the cast noted that plenty of ‘A'-material antics didn't make it into the film because of time constraints.

They promise to include some on the DVD.

“There's so much footage — it's unbelievable — of cut, ready-to-go footage, if people would sit through a three-hour Jackass,” Preston Lacy said.

The cast members put themselves on the line for all of the stunts, but don't seem too miffed that many of their exploits didn't make it into the film.

“I don't have really any gripes,” Steve-O said.

“Jackass” regular Rake Yohn's bit may not even appear on the DVD because it was deemed by the studio to be too easy to imitate.

“Some legal people at Paramount, some lawyer somewhere, decided that that can't go in,” Ryan Dunn said.

A few deleted scenes may feature additions to stunts that appear in the film. In a prank called “Valentine,” each member of the team walks up to a Valentine card on the wall and gets punched by a hydraulic boxing glove behind the wall. Three hits are shown, but every “Jackass” fell for it.

“We couldn't just stream them together and have 30 minutes of that, so we just took the best,” Lacy said. “And that's why you should buy the DVD, so you can see all of us.”

Director Jeff Tremaine plans to expand on the making-of segment that is airing promotionally.

“We're going to add on to that because we didn't want to give away certain bits [before the movie opened],” Tremaine said. “So we have on air right now a making of the movie, but we're going to add a big chunk to it because now we can give away everything for the featurette.”

The gang also recorded an audio commentary together that ringleader Johnny Knoxville joked was “really insightful.”

Jackass Number Two has grossed more than $55 million since opening in theaters Sept. 22.

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